w88主页 features strong technicalstrength, quality staffs and precise machines, and specializesin producing quality industrial rubber roller and rubber parts.
  Main products: w88主页官方网站 abrasive resistant paper making plastic roller, driving roller, coating roller, coating roller, oil resistant printing ink, print embossing rubber roller, acid and alkali media corrosion printing and dyeing, metal acid washing grinding rubber roller, poly board coating roller, high temperature resistance silicone gel rubber, various rubber rollers, rubber wheels, sealing bars and rubber rings on woodwork machinery, processing various steel roller for milling and grinding catering to customer’s demands.

  Characteristics of the products: manufactured from quality imported raw materials by applying scientific formula and refined technology. The products are vulcanized by applying international advanced self control vulcanization equipments and precise grinding equipments. The products feature high quality and fine comprehensive performance.

  w88主页 promise to insist on the enterprise spirit of “Sincere, practical and innovated”, treasure each opportunity and provide quality service basing on “High quality, substantial price and fast delivery”.